Communicate 2 U have been lucky enough to work on an exciting project with Selly Manor Museum based in Bournville, Birmingham.

Communicate 2 U students from Selly Oak Trust School have been working alongside the museum’s Learning and Access Officer Nicki Lupton to make the site more accessible for people with learning disabilities.

Here’s what we have been up to:

“Selly manor is a museum in Bournville in Birmingham. Communicate 2u Have been working with Selly Manor to make the museum easier to get around for people with Autism and Learning Difficulties.

We started to do a communication Audit checking the information books and pictures and signs.

We have made a film for Autism Awareness week about what to expect when you visit Selly Manor.

On Tuesday the 27th of March Year 14 ran our tour at Selly Manor. Students from Selly Oak Trust School came to Selly Manor to do the tour, the games and the treasure hunt we had made for them. They found out the history of the Selly Manor to win some the most stunning Cadbury’s chocolate.

By Cameron & Laurel (Year 14 C2U)

The project has proved a great success for all involved and has been a wonderful experience for staff and students.

Check out our video about Selly Manor Museum telling visitors what to expect when you visit:

A Guide to Selly Manor Museum from Sarah Watton on Vimeo.


2 thoughts on “Selly Manor Museum

  1. What a lovely, informative video. I love the fact that you manage to get humour into it, I now know where to go to the toilet (not the old privy!) and what the signs mean. It has given me insight into how to write my easy-to-read slides for my university assignment; thank you all so much!!


    1. Thanks for the message, Janice, and glad you enjoyed the video! Our Communication Experts produced it alongside Selly Manor Museum for Autism Awareness Week last year and had a great time making it!


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